University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Study and Research

  • From August 2018, I start my PhD study in Carlson School of Management, majoring in Information and Decision Sciences.
  • I was a graduate student in computer science between August 2013 to July 2015. I committed as a research assistant in Grouplens Research Lab, where folks do research on Human Computer Interaction and Social Computing.
  • During my two years master study, my interests lied on online communities, in detail, how to apply social science theories like psychology and sociology to online communities, aiming to engage more commitments and encourage more contributions. I was involved in a project called precision crowdsourcing, which is supported by Google Research. In this project, I got a real training on how to do research: figuring out research questions, experiment design, implementations, data analytics and publication. Finally, a paper that I coauthored was published in¬†proceedings of ACM conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work & Social Computing (CSCW, 2016), a top-tier conference in social computing and HCI.¬†

Minnesota impressed me with

  • Snow Storm: I have gained the skill that how to dig my car out when I wake up in winter morning!
  • Lakes: so many many many lakes. About ten thousands! You can even find it on your license plate.
  • Colorful autumn: especially in Duluth, a small town in north Minnesota, next to Lake Superior.