Peking University

During my study and work in Tsinghua University, I spare two years to study Economics in Peking University. This program is offered by China Center for Economic Research (CCER), which is founded by Prof. Yifu Lin and other scholars. Now its name is changed to National School of Development. The motivation of learning Economics is just by personal interests.


  • During two years study, I systematically established a picture about the world of Economics, although in an elementary level.
  • I obtained a habit to explain some economical phenomenon in real world using the principles and theories which I learned in classes.
  • I also brought engineering methods to Economics to deal with some problems. I find there are many commons across disciplines.


  • Style: Although only a street between Tsinghua University(THU) and Peking University(PKU), PKU’s style is totally different from THU’s, you can feel it in various ways, I summarize them into a word “atmosphere”!
  • Teachers: Nearly each professor in CCER holds a Ph.D. degree from universities in U.S., more importantly, their courses are really fascinating.