Home Away From Home

  • To help users better do city exploration with respect to what they are familiar with, we developed an Android app, whose name is “Home Away From Home”.
  • This is a project in the course “User Interface Design”, which is given by prof. Joseph Konstan and prof. Loren Terveen. This is an excellent course, I have learned a lot from it.
  • One of the textbooks, “The Design of Everyday Things”, written by Don Norman, changes my cognition and understanding toward design work.
  • From the course project, I combined Design theories and practice successfully. I have learned how to go through the whole design process, from getting the right design to getting the design right: Miscellaneous ideas, User research, Paper prototype, Cognitive walkthrough, Heuristic evaluation, Implementation, Usability testing and team work.

  • Two of paper prototypes

  • Android App