Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework for Venture Capital Industry: How to Predict Startups’ Success in Primary Market

Why this research is significant?

  • Find a right startup to invest and exist is key to survival of VCs

Background and existed research

  • Empirical studies lack because of quantitative data lacks.
  • Some factors which have effects on startups’ success are studied. However, the perspective stands at startups rather than venture capitals who focus on exists.
  • Although venture capitals have some general rules to do investment, it is not easy to do decision when investors face a specific case.


  • Independent variables: to be extended
    • Macroeconomics environment
    • Basics
    • Macroeconomics environment
    • Funding history
    • Team
    • Media exposure
    • Operation
    • Endorsement by VCs
  • Dependent variables: come to next round, investors exist
    • Whether come to next round
  • Regression model: find key factors (significance test)
  • Prediction: Deep Learning, Neural Networks


  • 200,000+ TMT (Telecom, Media, Technology) companies


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