Development of low cost measurement system for radiated emission evaluation

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Abstract: In this paper, a low cost measurement system with high accuracy for radiated emission evaluation has been proposed. By combining the test data of the current probe at different positions on the harness, the measurement accuracy is improved compared with conventional single probe method. For the sake of high accuracy, a transfer function is built to map the relationship between anechoic chamber method and current probe method. Based on experiments for evaluation, the final estimation of radiated emission agrees well with the measured results in anechoic chamber. For the cases tested, the difference between the current probe method and the anechoic chamber method is less than 3 dB.

Recommended citation: Huang, Zihong, Wenhua Chen, Zhenghe Feng, Kazunori Teshima, and Koji Toyama. “Development of low cost measurement system for radiated emission evaluation.” Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters 20 (2011): 55-68.