Research Projects



Artificial Intelligence (AI) Framework for Venture Capital Industry: How to Predict Startups’ Success in Primary Market

CEO @ DeepSearch.AI, funded by Angel round investment, ongoing

Asymmetry widely appears in venture capital industry including information, knowledge, relationship et al, which heavily affects investors’ decision making. Our startup focus on data-driven venture capital revolution, aiming to empowering investors to discover unicorns. Besides, our technical team supports various data scraping demands. If you need some data to do research or other things, feel free to contact me. We can help you!


Crowdfunding (reward-based and equity-based)

Work at Zhongchou Inc. & Yuanshihui Inc., finished in December 2016

I spent one and a half years in crowdfunding industry, which are two platform experiences including reward-based and equity-based. I was involved as a software engineer at beginning, and then changed to a prodcut manager. My work mainly lied on product design, research and development. Besides, I also kept eyes on trends in industry. At the end of 2016, a paper about crowdfunding market which I coauthored was published in Financial Innovation.


Home Away From Home

Course Project, finished in December 2014, CS, University of Minnesota

This project is to help users better do city exploration with respect to what they are familiar with. In this project I go through the complete user experience design procedure: user research, prototype, cognitive walkthrough, heuristic evaluation, implementation.



Stock Market Prediction based on Neural Networks

Empirical Finance & Financial Econometrics Workshop, finished in November 2011, CCER, Peking University

In this project, I proposed to use neural networks model to predict stock market trends, the performance of prediction is compared to other prediction models such as GARCH model


Power Amplifier Module with High Efficiency, Linearity and Wide Bandwidth

National Key Technology Project, finished in September 2012, EE, Tsinghua University

Due to high nonlinearity and memory effects of dual-band power amplifiers, I did behavioral modeling for concurrent dual-band power amplifier and digital pre-distortion based on 2D-Real Value Time Delayed Neural Networks, achieving an 10dB improvement in model accuracy than conventional approach.


Measurement System of Radiated Emission Based on Current Probe

Supported by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, finished in May 2010, EE, Tsinghua University

Considering the complex process and high cost of radiation emission measurement in anechoic chamber, I developed a measurement system based on a current probe in common laboratory, reducing the cost of test dramatically while measurement accuracy is maintained.