Precision CrowdSourcing: A Challenge and Timely Opportunity



Precision CrowdSourcing: Making targeted information request to information consumers. The provision of information presents an opportunity to induce reciprocity: a desire to pay the site back by offering information that will help out future users. We explicitly distinguish this work from paid crowdsourcing such as mTurk, and from the games; we are focusing on reciprocity and belonging, not compensation or entertainment.

Basic Ideas

We seek to experimentally explore precision crowdsourcing in different implementations to explore a variety of contextual factors to shape the requests, and looking at both short term success rate and quality of responses and the long-term effect of such requests on user loyalty and participation.

The basic ideas about the experiment design is to focus on three questions: When? How? What?

  • When do we give the request, display a message immediately or email next day after an user’s action ?
  • How to give the request, reciprocity or neutral appeal ?
  • What contributions we hope the users to do ?