IDSC 6050: Information Technologies and Solutions (Fall 2018)

Teaching Assistant, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota, 2018

This course is one of two menu courses (IDSC 6040 and 6050) that make up the required MIS component for Part-Time MBA students. But note that IDSC 6050 is not the required course because IDSC 6040 is always an option that is available to all students. Both courses focus on IT; however, 6040 provides much more of a managerial perspective on IT (with some technology-related issues), and IDSC 6050 provides much more of a technical perspective on IT (with some business/managerial implications).

In other words, IDSC 6040 is well suited for students interested in understanding the business value of IT, management and governance of IT, and in exploiting IT in other functional areas. In contrast, IDSC 6050 is a technology-intensive course (although programming skills aren’t required) and is well suited for students interested in gaining a deeper understanding of current and emerging information and communication technologies, both in terms of how these technologies work, their technical capabilities and limitations, and the possibilities to leverage them in business settings. Both courses are designed to be fairly self-contained, i.e., a comprehensive IT background is not required for either one. So, depending on the students’ needs and interests, they should choose the class that complements their background and current expertise the best. Lastly, it is not advisable to take this course just because it offers one the conveniences of an online learning environment; IDSC 6050 is designed for those who want to appreciate the intricacies of information technologies and how they are suited to various business opportunities. I hope that at the end of the course all students will have a much better understanding and appreciation for the various technologies (e.g., cloud, cybersecurity, mobile) that one comes across in the industry today.